Identifying and comparing features and facilities of scienticfic social networks for recommending collaborators.

Zahra Roozbahani, Jalal Rezaeenour, Hanif Emamgholizadeh, Markus Belkin.

Abstract. Social networks are now an inseparable part of our life, each of us use social network for a special purposes from social interaction to marketing. One of the flourishing aspects of social networks is scientific social networks; users of these networks try to make public profiles, attach publications there, ask their questions and find new collaborators for future work. Having been considered for the last several decades in the data management field, recommending systems has also attracted a great deal of attention in computer science, and after the emergence of on-line social networks collaboration, suggestions for its use became an inseparable dimension of these young networks. In this paper some of the most popular and creative social networks have been considered, all of the useful features have been identified and compared, and finally the limitations of considered systems in providing direct collaborator recommendation has been discussed. PDF

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